International program

Program A, 2000, 88 min, with engl. subtitles

Spring in Vienna, Franz Novotny, 1.5'
The text of a parliament-motion brought forward by the FPÖ, spoken by the actor Hubsi Kramar in front of a mirror, dressed and acting as Adolf Hitler.

Widerstand, Nils Olger, 10'
Documentary about the early protests, right after the inauguration of the new right-wing government, in February 2000.

How evil is Austria?, Bernadette Huber, 2'
A "scandalous" film. Texts
move over the screen: quotations of Haider. In the background a vagina is giving birth to a distorted Austrian flag.

Untitled (Hamburger Schauspielhaus), Janis Brandis, 6'
The Austrian actor Wolf Bachofner is delivering a performance at the Hamburger Schauspielhaus (theatre). He is doing a parody of popular Austrian patriotic songs.

Pinocchio, Martin Reinhart, 1'
An animation. Video-stills of Haider´s election-posters in swift montage, showing his face, grinning above the text, "he never lied to you". Reinhart's film also shows the marks that resistance left on Haider´s image: Hitler-moustaches, long noses, etc. The soundtrack is the song of the childrens' TV-series "Pinocchio".

Autumn 95, Alexander Binder, Michael Gartner, Elke Groen, Rainer Frimmel, Rainer Obrist, 17'
Interviews with Haider's followers, impressions from the election campaign of the "Freedom Party" in the fall of 1995.

Durchzug, Michael Gartner, 3'
Impressions of the masses at a street demonstration, filmed on Super-8 and transfered to video.

5 Films against "Black-Blue", Thomas Horvath & Niki Griedl, 3.5'
Anti-government spots from a childrens' perspective: politics is no childrens' game!

Sprung 2000, Sabine Marte, Billy Roisz, Klaus Filip, Oliver Stotz, 3'
Filmmaterial from demonstrations and TV-news, worked into an avantgarde-film.

Zero Crossing - Conversations in Vienna, Johannes Holzhausen, 41'
An interview-film, or rather a "conversation-film". Nine people of different ages and professions are talking about their feelings and fears regarding the new government. Some of them are shocked, some are furious and some even are considering emigration.