Il faut apprendre à voir

Il faut apprendre voir
Michael Pilz

Österreich 1988/1993, 136 min, eng, gr, span, no subtitles

"Il faut apprendre voir" war Teil der Installation "Delphi Declaration", zusammen mit historischen Dokumenten der Konferenz der European Federation of Audiovisual Filmmakers in Venedig und in Delphi im Herbst 1988. Diese Installation war Teil des Programms "Drehmomente" und "einsiedlen - ein zustand" (Michael Pilz Film, T.A.S.P./Tanztheater Sebastian Prantl, Stadttheater Wien/Anne Mertin, Fred Bchel) der Wiener Festwochen 1993.

"Without language there would be no poetry, but there would be no wars." Arthur Koestler
This video was filmed in and around Delphes, Greece, on September 25th, 26th and 27th, 1988, a historic meeting of the "European Federation of Audiovisual Filmmakers", concerned with questions of cultural manipulation through mass media ("Delphi Declaration"). Since then the original video 8 videotapes grew older and partly lost or changed their colours. Beside these wonderful effects overexposure and some other operations of the handheld video-camera (a Blaupunkt CR 8000) won clearness by the time. Since my early works on film in the late fifties I like to film the way one calls it "editing in the camera". The same happened here. This kind of exposition let the audience make similar experiences by watching and listening the film like me when I was looking through the camera. Some movements of the camera I postedited in slow motion and according to that I faded out the noises: Suddenly you see and you see that you see. That's all. One can look at it also in parts, in different parts and at different times, without any pretension to entirety. Because the whole is shown in it's details. The title "Il faut apprendre voir" relates to a casual dialogue between a portuguese film director and an english lady about art and industry. Michael Pilz, Vienna, June 1993

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